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MIDAS SAYS! (Copyright 2006)


Pitagoras Internacional SA. is proud to announce its new GOLD service.

We now offer MIDAS SAYS! (Copyright 2006).

Yes, it’s finally here! You asked for it, and now you’ve got it.

What markets does the MIDAS SAYS! (Copyright 2006) cover?

MIDAS SAYS! (Copyright 2006) only concerns itself with the most probable future price movements in Gold.

The gold futures markets, and the gold ETF (GLD) are covered.

Gold is traded on the NYMEX, and the CBOT. For individuals who believe that the full size gold futures contracts (100 oz) are too much for them to handle, the gold mini futures contracts (33.2oz) are perfect.

The gold ETF (GLD) can be traded through any major online broker (Ameritrade, Etrade. etc.).

We avoid silver and platinum because of their liquidity problems in the futures markets.

We avoid gold stocks because using gold stocks as a vehicle complicates the decision process. It’s quite possible for gold to rise, yet the gold stocks to stay flat, or even lose value. This is because of all the other factors that affect mining firms (labor costs, supply problems, environmental hurdles, lawsuits, managerial incompentance, etc.).

We only know that gold bullion will rise or fall. We don’t know if gold stocks will match the moves in bullion.

The principle of KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid!) always rules in investments.

Subscribe now to the MIDAS SAYS! (Copyright 2006) to see just how simple the service is to use!

MIDAS SAYS! (copyright 2006) took over four years of development before this service proved to be reliable and simple to use! Trial and error, with a lot of customer feedback from our other services, was utilized in the creation of MIDAS SAYS! (copyright 2006)

This service is designed for the serious gold investor/trader who knows how deceptive the currents of the market can be.

We know that you will need guidance from battle hardened professionals. The metals markets are now entering a very explosive phase of their cycle. We know how difficult these markets can be to a trader/investor.

How do we know?

Because we were there in the late 1970’s. Yes, we watched the Hunt Brothers fail and sink into one of the biggest personal bankruptcies in history. We watch many brokerage firms fail along with the Hunt Brothers. All the brokers that encouraged the Hunts to "get real stupid" went down right along with the Hunt brothers.

The irony of the Hunt’s fiasco is this. If only they had access to some decent trading counsel, they would have reversed their positions, gotten on the short side of the silver market, and become the wealthiest men in the world.

Armand Hammer, Chairman of Occidental Petroleum, sold silver short, and made $119,000,000 USD in less than three months! Had we only known then what we learned later, perhaps we could have talked to the Hunts. But it’s too late now for the Hunts!

Let the MIDAS SAYS! (Copyright 2006) make sure that it’s not too late for you!

No, we can can’t bring you back to the late 1970s/ early 1980’s, but we can bring a technology based on those fortune making markets to you!

The question is, do you want some of the wealth that will be placed into the markets?

If you wish to "get your share", subscribe now to the MIDAS SAYS! (Copyright 2006). The Hunt Brothers couldn’t subscribe, and they "gave their share" (billions of dollars)!

Just $41.76 USD/month secures your "share of their wealth". Someone like the Hunt Brothers is going to lose big. Let us help you "get your piece of the losers!" Subscribe now!

The MIDAS SAYS! (Copyright 2006) is based on the BoomBust Cycle Point Predictor (Copyright 2006).

The traders with superior technology will reap enormous profits in the coming months. It’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff. Let the MIDAS SAYS! (Copyright 2006) be your navigator on the oceans of wealth!

If you want information that is simple, unhedged, and timely, than MIDAS SAYS! (copyright 2006) is the service for you!

Subscribe now to get the "real" story on gold. Can you really afford not spend the less than $1.38 USD/day that secures your wealth information connection?

The "real" story on gold is based on the "unique" technology of the BoomBust Cycle Point Predictor (Copyright 2006).

It’s a lot easier to check your e-mail for clear, specific, instructions than spending both your mental energies and your time listening to broker fabrications, trade group press releases (puff pieces), and the articles written by authors with a hidden agenda to sabotage your success!

Let the MIDAS SAYS! (Copyright 2006) remove that burden from you!

We promise that we won’t bore, confuse, or scare you by sending you lots of information that might be interesting, but irrelevant to your goal of maximizing your profits. We keep it simple, so you can conserve your valuable energies for other things!

MIDAS SAYS! (Copyright 2006) only speaks when it’s time for gold to move up, down, or consolidate.

The MIDAS SAYS! (Copyright 2006) is $41.67USD/month for a six month subscription.

Clients are automatically billed $250.00USD at the beginning of each new six month cycle.

The tape tells you the consenus of opinion, reveals the predominance of the opposing forces, and shows the trend according to supply and demand! Ignore the news, reports, opinions and views of everyone if it disagrees with what the chart and tape shows, for supply and demand must govern in the end.
W. D. Gann

When asked what the stock market will do, J.P Morgan (1837-1913) (banker, financier, businessman) replied:"It will fluctuate."