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Welcome to The Battle For your Money, and Your Mind! The Perpetual War!

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Welcome to The Battle For your Money, and Your Mind! The Perpetual War!
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Welcome to The Battle For your Money, and Your Mind! The Perpetual War!

We are in a perpetual War. We must understand what war is to be effective in dealing with our adversary’s strategy. War is the battle for power, or dominance. This is nature’s directive to ensure the survival of the species. It’s as natural as life and death, and it’s an inescapable fact of life.

We are a social species! This means that the real war is fought on the intellectual, and the social level. Ideas, or concepts, is the way we make war. Every word has a denotation, and a connotation.

Those who teach you the denotation of a word control the symbol (picture) that you see in your mind when that word is used. The connotation of a word is the emotional meaning attributed to a word (good, bad, nice, mean). When someone controls the pictures you associate with a word, they control your mind! This is where the real battle is fought to control the Homo Sapiens!

You might ask, what does a word really mean?

"When I use a word it means exactly what I want it to mean, nothing more and nothing less."

If we would learn the true nature of war, we will stop reacting to our adversary’s wiles. We have wasted our precious resources in foolish skirmishes, which have ending badly. The Korean and Vietnam conflicts should have taught us to avoid unwinnable wars. However, the next generation only knows its conditioning. They have no real experience with which they might challenge the foolishness of the Wizard of Oz., the fantasy of his favorite stepchild, Disneyland, or the programming from the public school system! The victims of the media, and the school systems, are just conditioned organisms. The products of the system will react in a predictable way to the words (symbols) that are invoked! This is the perpetual war.

Hostilities only commence as the almost vanquished nation strikes out in agony (a mass psychotic event). Competent people would never let events go this far. The objective of free people is to avoid all entanglements with nations, and cultures, that are freedom phobic. Freedom phobic is defined here as those who are collectivist by heritage, or instinct. Most of the world adheres to a collectivist ethic The reality is that all these cultures, and nations, are the natural enemies of freedom.

The Stages of War.

The Social Battlefield.

This is the real arena for war. Democratic societies are forever embroiled in social conflict, as the various special interest groups seek to achieve the "moral high ground". Morality is relative in the social arena, because the majority of the electorate lack the training, experience, or instincts to evaluate the merits of an idea.

True morality (survival value) is the minimum requirement for a society’s survival. Without knowledge of the survival requirements, the voters will follow their emotions! "If it feels good, what’s wrong with it?"

Any legislation not based on true morality (survival value) will lead that society into extinction. The classical republics only allowed property owners to vote. The founders of the great republics knew that only people with a strong connection to the republic could be entrusted with the power of the vote. Military service was always mandatory for citizens to prevent intellectual dilettantes from voting for conflicts that might weaken that nation. Intellectuals are proficient at sending the other man (Alpha man) into a conflict, while these personal pacifists (Omega man) always seem to have an exemption from combat!

We must remember that deceits and treacheries are the primary weapons of war. Illusions, propaganda, and fraud will always be employed against the free state. The more freer the nation, the more often these tactics will be used against that nation.

"All war is based on deception." -- Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Propaganda to enlarge the voting franchise has always been a tactic employed by the adversaries of a free nation. Propaganda is the tactic that conditions a society to eventually vote itself into extinction! The adversary uses different words that sound more noble to describe each "new social improvement". All new propaganda is nonsense to the current generation of voters. Then the years of Pavlovian, and Skinnerian conditioning by the public schools, and the media do their job. The system virtually guarantees that the next generation of voters will believe that the old "absurd" propaganda is "mother’s milk".

If you think that this is just a coincidence, read II -- PROLETARIANS AND COMMUNISTS, Communist Manifesto, 1848, Karl Marx

10. Free education for all children in public schools.

The alien’s strategy is to plant the seeds of extinction into your nation, nurture them through the taxpayer financed public schools, and the media, and then harvest the crop by invoking the programmed keywords. This ensures the outcome of their collectivist vision, as the logic pathways of the electorate have been neutralized, or electronically lobotomized. Hence, no rational dialogue will interfere with the outcome. Your adversaries have been busy, creating the new superstitions that will govern our nation when the new generation comes to power! The brilliance of this tactic is that you finance the institutions that program your children to destroy your culture, and your economy.


"Rituals are superstitions; they are adventitiously reinforced. The more conspicuous and stereotyped the behavior upon which the reinforcer is accidentally contingent, the greater the effect." -- Skinner, B. F. (1980), Notebooks, 303-304.


The Diversion The Military Conflicts

The military conflicts are just part of the diversion. If the targeted country goes for the bait, it will dispatch its most masculine men to go to slaughter. They will be destroyed in a conflict that has been designed to fail. This is easily achieved by defining the terms of engagement (combat rules) so as to guarantee failure. The real purpose of the exercise is to kill, or cripple, as many of our alpha males as is politically acceptable. This reduces the number of alpha males, and leaves the omega (passive) males as the only check against the emoting nature of the female. This war of attrition against the alpha males gradually removes a nation’s ability to act independently of other nation’s opinions, because self sovereignty is a patriarchal trait.

The rise of the matriarchy is guaranteed over time. The gradual change of values that occurs as the nation moves from a patriarchy to a matriarchy ensures that more socialist programs are demanded by the voters. With the creation of each new generation, more wars are started to liquidate the new alpha males, but all of the women remain. This further skews the voting pattern by increasing the percentage of female voters versus male voters. A good war can really decimate the alpha male population.

The joke is that the legislators have become totally captive to the wants of a militant welfare society, although the euphemism "entitlement "appears to conceal the obvious. There is nothing more frightening to a politician than having to work for a living. By the time a nation has devolved to this condition, the politicians are nothing but overpriced hamburger flippers.

"Do you want Pork with your Burgers and Fries?"

The other result is the slow, but relentless disarmament of the population by the government. The men who know how to use weapons are slowly slaughtered, or crippled, by wars. Because ego is a constant in human nature, many of the males who copped out from combat rationalize their decision by embracing a non-aggressive, anti-gun, psychological posture. Everyone is a victim in a non- judgmental society! Psychopaths, and sociopaths, are miraculously transmuted into good children doing bad things. This attitude becomes inoculated into the society at large as right thinking! This attitude then becomes promoted by the media, and the public schools, as enlightenment!

The other subtle effect of these military conflicts is to convince the population that fighting is futile. They now actually believe that conflicts are unwinnable. It is a just a cleaver version of "Better Red Than Dead".

To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.
-Sun Tzu, the Art of War


The Economic War

This is the second stage of the destruction of a nation. The objective of war is to destroy your opponent’s ability to make war. The economic war gradually reduces a nation into a state of poverty. Once this is accomplished, even the will to prevail is just another delusion. The nation will be reduced to guerilla warfare, as the street gangs take control of the inner cities. You thought they were just friendly drug dealers, providing "Mother’s Little Helper"! They rule you through your needs, so you can’t control their deeds.!

You’re so proud of your strategic nuclear and biological weapons! It’s a damn shame that you can’t use these weapons on the drug dealers, and the street gangs, because your connection is in your neighborhood. You are in total delusion, as your nation is already bankrupt, demoralized, and probably nearing a state of civil war at this time. Live with it! Your nation is already dysfunctional. Your real enemy is as near as your mirror. Therefore, you have already lost!

The nation is first bankrupted by insane social policies financed by debt to hide the real costs. Soon the number of people on the government payrolls, and the number of the entitlement recipients, outnumber the wealth producers. The government must now depreciate its currency at ever faster rates. This is mandatory to avoid the obvious confiscatory taxes that would be implemented otherwise. Many wealth producers would balk at 90 to 95 percent tax rates.

The government also uses its reputation to issue massive amounts of debt. The rule that it takes 10 years to make a reputation, and 20 years to lose it applies here. The government knows that it will be given the benefit of the doubt long past the point of insanity. It also knows the golden rule of debt. When you owe someone enough money, the lenders have really made an equity investment in you, instead of a loan. Who wants to walk away from megalosses? This automatically gains the government more time. There is also the fallacy that big countries can’t fail.

The government now begins creating military adventures to transfer money to their contributors from the defense contractor industry. This spends up the process of looting the host nation, and allows more money to be stuffed into their offshore banks. More control of the media is justified by the "crisis", which slows down the speed at which the information circulates! This gains more time for the government to plunder the treasury prior to the citizen’s response.

Just the principle of paying women to have children guarantees that the nation will be overrun with non-producers with a militant attitude. "You owe us our entitlements because we voted for you" is the battle hymn of the majority of the voters." The political system has turned into a circus by this time, in a desperate attempt to avoid a civil war. The pressure on the politicians is enormous to give an ever increasing amount of money, and services to an ever more militant nation of parasites.

Lest you think that I’m overstating the argument, you will find it instructive to learn that prison inmates have been receiving federal tax refunds while incarcerated. No, I’m not making this up! Prison inmates have been receiving tax refunds for taxes paid while employed. The problem is that these prisoners are incarcerated, and could not have been employed. Yet the IRS has been sending them checks.

The current spectacle of reparations being paid to various groups because of some past injustice is more of the absurdity of the entitlement culture. The people who committed these acts are long gone. Let’s steal more wealth from the living to mollify the leeches! We can always issue more bonds that are worthless. We can’t really feel sorry for the idiots who are buying these bonds. The Keynesians told us that we never have to repay the debt! "What, Me Worry?"


Abraham Lincoln paved the way to total collectivism by destroying the Republic. State Right’s were the most critical check on the natural rapaciousness of a centralized government. The end of States Rights effectively canceled the Constitution, if not de jure, then certainly de facto. The post Civil War era witnessed the parasites flocking to Washington.

The Republican President, Ulysses S. Grant, signed the Pendelton Act in 1883.


"The federal bureaucracy in the years after the Civil War was generally undistinguished, because the system of selecting officials and supervising their work was irrational. That system had evolved in the early nineteenth century, and relied on the well-known political adage, "to the victor belong the spoils." That did not necessarily mean that bad people were appointed; many government officials were quite good, but the system itself was ill-suited to efficiency."

"The idea of rotation in office, however, was thought to be "democratic." Andrew Jackson in 1829 had declared: "No man has any more intrinsic right to official station than another. The duties of all public officers are, or at least admit of being made, so plain and simple that men of intelligence may readily qualify themselves for their performance." This had not been true in 1829, and was certainly not true fifty years later. The constant turnover provided no institutional memory; government workers panicked at every election and had little sense of loyalty to their jobs, because their tenure was often of such short duration. As Henry Clay put it, government officials after an election are "like the inhabitants of Cairo when the plague breaks out; no one knows who is next to encounter the stroke of death.""

"Over the years, the flaws became more serious and obvious. Political leaders required their patronage appointees to devote time and money to party affairs. After each election, winners were besieged by hungry office-seekers, and wrangling between the president and Congress over patronage became endemic. By the 1880s, one could open a Washington newspaper after an election and find many advertisements like this one:

"WANTED -- A GOVERNMENT CLERKSHIP at a salary of not less than $1,000 per annum. Will give $100 to any one securing me such a position.""

"The situation was compounded by the growth of the federal bureaucracy. In Jackson’s time there had been 20,000 persons on the federal payroll. By end of the Civil War the number had increased to 53,000; by 1884, 131,000; and by 1891, 166,000. Presidents were hounded by office- seekers. When James Garfield became president he discovered hungry office-seekers "lying in wait" for him "like vultures for a wounded bison."

Moreover, new government jobs required special skills. The use of typewriters, introduced in the early 1880s, meant that mere literacy and decent penmanship were no longer enough for a clerk’s job. With the creation of administrative agencies like the Interstate Commerce Commission and specialized agricultural bureaus, one needed scientific expertise. The spoils system was not the way to get them.

A civil service movement started in New York in 1877, and although it developed considerable public support, the politicians refused to go along. Then came the assassination of President Garfield by Charles Guiteau, a disappointed office-seeker, and the public clamor could no longer be ignored.

The Pendleton Act classified certain jobs, removed them from the patronage ranks, and set up a Civil Service Commission to administer a system based on merit rather than political connections. As the classified list was expanded over the years, it provided the American people with a competent and permanent government bureaucracy. In 1883 fewer than 15,000 jobs were classified; by the time McKinley became president in 1897, 86,000 -- almost half of all federal employees -- were in classified positions. Today, with the exception of a few thousand policy-level appointments, nearly all federal jobs are handled within the civil service system."

For further reading: Ari Hoogenboom, Outlawing the Spoils: A History of the Civil Serivce Reform Movement, 1865-1883 (1961); Paul P. Van Riper, Hstory of the United States Civil Service (1958).



Time has revealed the strategy that the alien’s have utilized against us. The establishment of the Civil Service was the first step in turning the US into a nation of slaves. We now had an "elite " group of parasites who are tenured, and who receive a lifetime dole from the taxpayers. The Civil Service’s loyalty is to the intellectuals who direct their efforts into the establishment of a collectivist utopia. Even the politicians can not fire a Civil Servant. Civil Servants are not elected, and are not subject to the voter’s will. They are the "real" government!

The danger of the election of a president, and legislature, with a real pro taxpayer agenda, has already been defeated. The Civil Service will just ignore the new occupants of the Executive Branch, and the Legislature. The Civil Service system guarantees that the bureaucracy will continue on, just as their collectivist masters have programmed them! They are sovereign, and can never be terminated unless they murder someone! This tactic ensures that there will never be an interruption of the collectivist agenda. Their real motto is "So many people to enslave, so little time in power!"

The very concept Civil Servant was the beginning of Orwellian doublespeak. The irony was that George Orwell wasn’t born yet.

Eric Blair was born in India in 1903. Educated in England at Eton, he moved to Burma in 1922 where he joined the Indian Imperial Police for five years. He eventually resigned because of his increasing disillusionment with British imperialism.

Eric Blair is George Orwell. He was forced to write under a pseudonym to prevent the Imperialists from destroying him. The English Crown (the City of London) is the headquarters of the western world.


After the establishment of the Civil Service, the collectivists moved to increase the voting franchise. Women were given the right to vote (1920) only after the collectivist’s had achieved control of the government bureaucracies.

Woodrow Wilson (a past president of Princeton University) was the next key Collectivist. His presidency was bought so that he could create the Federal Reserve Bank, the Income Tax, and the Selective Service Act of 1917. He also brought us into World War I.

The US entered WW1 to assure the elimination of many Alpha males, and to start the conditioning process to bring the US citizens into their new role as state slaves.

The final destruction of liberty occurred under Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Most of his Marxist ideas were initially struck down by the Supreme Court. He proceeded to alter the legal environment. FDR knew that his threat to stack the Supreme Court with his collectivist coterie would bring the Supreme Court into total compliance with his wishes. FDR made the correct assumption! He bet that these parasites would do anything to stay on the federal dole! The irony of the Supreme Court’s capitulation to FDR, is that FDR later managed to pick eight more Supreme Court judges. His time as president was so long (four terms) that he appointed nine judges! FDR delivered the coup de grace to free speech when he forced the Supreme Court to give the ownership of the airwaves to the government in 1934.

It’s probably just a coincidence that government control of all communication is number 6 in II -- PROLETARIANS AND COMMUNISTS, Communist Manifesto, 1848, Karl Marx

Federal judges, including Supreme Court justices, have what amounts to lifetime tenure and a guaranteed salary. Although justices can theoretically be removed from office by impeachment, none ever has been removed The last time Congress attempted to pull this off was two centuries ago. The attempt failed, in the process proving the point that little short of criminal behavior could result in judicial removal. Political views —especially personal judicial views— are plainly off limits to those who might wish to impeach a hostile jurist. Congress can overturn Supreme Court decisions only by means of the cumbersome process of constitutional amendment. Such efforts have succeeded exactly four times in the history of the republic. In each instance, it was the Supreme Court that determined the meaning and application of the amendment. Catch 22 strikes again!

This reality ensures that no incoming President could get rid of these collectivists without the majority support of the Congress. Thus, we began the new world under an activist court. This was another brilliant move by the collectivists. The Hive’s media, and its public schools, praise the concept of an activist court to their listeners (victims)! According to the Constitution, only the Congress can create a law. The Supreme Court’s only constitutionally granted power is to determine whether a law is constitutional or not! The Court has no legal right to order anything, except lunch.

The media collectivists are continually creating new more stories to feed the folk. These people are professionals at creating stories. Rewriting all those history books has given them a lot of practice They can count on the support of the public schools to preach the" new" and "improved" history with great enthusiasm. By the time the WW1 was over, there was no point to reading history books. "History is more or less bunk." Henry Ford, May 25th, 1916

The irony is that the Hive’s reforms (always new and improved) claimed that Civil Service would prevent money from being stolen from the government. Now we see the spectacle of the government looters diverting all this money to their friends, while voting themselves huge salaries, and benefit packages. The comic part of this is realizing that these bureaucrats, and politicians, are deluded enough to believe that the wealth creating sector can, or will, continue to pay for this giant theft machine. It’s amazing that so many government workers have dual passports, and are citizens of a nation that refuses to extradite their citizens to any other country to face trial. I believe that we have a big conflict of interest here!

We have to admit that the government workers, and the politicians, are just plundering before the end. They know that the cupboard is getting a little bare! The voters appear to be indifferent to the rampant theft, as long as they get their entitlements. Election after election has shown that taxing the productive, and spending on pork for the folk, is the winning combination in politics. This allows the politicians to avoid the effort of personally creating wealth. Politicians generally abhor the stress of working, and would rather steal the wealth of others via taxes. They give the looted money to their constituencies, less a large service and handling charge!

2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax. II -- PROLETARIANS AND COMMUNISTS, Communist Manifesto, 1848, Karl Marx

On the 23 of June, 2005, the Supreme Court of the United States of America ruled against the last illusion of property rights. This latest incroachment upon our constitutional guarantees opens the door for complete confiscation by the government. The government will become more predatory as their need for money continues to accelerate. Gone are the days when they slowly sucked you dry through property taxes. Now they take your property even if you have paid the taxes! They have shown their hand, and have already begun to grab your land!

1. Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes. II -- PROLETARIANS AND COMMUNISTS, Communist Manifesto, 1848, Karl Marx

"In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way."
Franklin D. Roosevelt


Why are we suprised that so many companies, and talented people, are fleeing this vampire nation? These valuable resources are voting with their feet. The best would rather start anew, where they have found a saner society. The ultimate irony is watching the US compete with Sweden in the race to economic oblivion! We will win the Economic Doomsday Cup, even if it means destroying ourselves!

"Vampirism as the ultimate form of communism, in which blood is redistributed from producers to parasites." Thomas M. Sipos, Vampire Nation.


You know that it’s a vampire nation when the Hive demands Dignity with their Dole!


Wayne N. Krautkramer


Successful investing is anticipating the anticipations of others.